Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Confirmed: Josh Sparkman Memorial Fund Details

I have personally confirmed this account with Ms. Lynda Gilbert, the CEO of First National Bank - Manchester.  All account funds will go to Josh Sparkman.

To donate to the fund:
Send a money order or check payable to:
Josh Sparkman Memorial Fund for William Sparkman, Jr. (per Ms. Gilbert, "that is how the account has been established.")

Mail to:
First National Bank
120 Town Square
Manchester KY 40962

Please consider donating to this fund. Josh Sparkman is a 19 yr. old who lost his only parent, and he is currently struggling to pay for his father's burial, a memorial service, the mortgage on his father's home, and his basic needs like food, water and electricity.


  1. More info for you to spread:

    There is going to be a memorial service (open to the public) on October 26th at 6:00pm EST at
    First United Methodist Church
    301 West 5th Street
    London,Ky 40741

  2. Just saw this on ID; his death was a suicide and his adopted son: Josh, was the worse excuse for a human being I have ever seen; he still isn't accepting responsibility for his life; set up a fund just to receive money--when you cannot pay for a funeral, the state foots the bill--read the story for yourself.