Friday, October 2, 2009

Welcome Part II: What I'm Hoping to Do

First, I do not know Josh, the Sparkman family, or anyone involved in this tragic situation.  I have not spoken to anyone involved.  I’m just a 27-yr old from Washington D.C. who would like to help.  I am not doing this notoriety.  This is solely about helping a person who found himself in a tragic situation, and who could use some assistance and support.

Second, I am not collecting any money or funds at this point.  This is still in the planning stages.   If and when we reach that point, I will post about it.

I’ve created this blog with the hope of setting up a donation bank account or trust for Josh Sparkman, so that he can pay for his father's burial and the mortgage on the family home.   As Josh said in his recent Associated Press interview:
He said he is broke now, with just $20 to his name, and doesn't know how he is going to pay for a funeral or the $600-a-month mortgage on his father's home. He has decided to move back to London and was applying for jobs Tuesday. 
I have inquired about the existence of a trust fund or donation bank account to the Editor of the local newspaper, The Sentinal-Echo, and so far, there is not one.  I've searched extensively online and still found nothing. Thus, as far as I can tell, as of October 2, there is not such a trust or account for Josh.   Hopefully, through this blog, we can change that.  So what now?  I've identified a few starting points:

Who I'd Like to Connect With:
  • a Kentucky attorney, accountant, or bank official who can guide me in this process
  • anyone in London or Laurel County who wishes to help
  • anyone who wishes to make a donation, or who can help with this process
Starting Points:
  • figure out the process to establishing such an account, and all relevant laws and IRS regulations
  • identify and reach out to a local bank to open the account
  • identify a local who is willing to help with this process
  • check with local churches, community organizations, and staff at Mr. Sparkman's school to confirm that such an account does not exist.
If you can help, please Comment!   I'll create an open post after this to start the brainstorming session.

Lastly, this blog is not a place to discuss the controversial case.  I want to keep this blog focused on helping Josh, a 19 year-old who should not have to worry about providing for his basic expenses while grieving the loss of his only family member. 

Thanks in advance for stopping by and being a part of this process.

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